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Magazines – Calls for submissions

Asian National GeographicNational Geographic ‘Adventure’ magazine
National Geographic ‘Traveler’ magazine guidelines
National Geographic ‘Your Shot’ (No pay)
Travel Guidelines available. Pays CA$20
Travel : Pays ‘professional photographers’ for pictures. Non professional photographers get a one year subscription extention to the website (worth $35)
Sailing World
Creation Illustrated
Transitions Abroad
World Religions

The Heritage Trail Image Library (stock photography)

An useful article : Preparing your articles for magazine submissions

Posted by: Miss Frangipani | July 23, 2007

Photography Competitions

British Journal of Photography
A list of competitions at
Travel Photographer of the Year
BBC Photo of the Year

And here’s some help : How to win a photography competition

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Photographers wanted

* Links picked through Google. Some may be out of date. : Jobs board

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For a start…

The Guardian Travel Section
Photography Monthly
BBC Photos
BBC News – Pictures of Africa wanted
London Pictures for official London site
CBC News

* Most of these sites do not pay for photographs published. Also read the fine print regarding rights if you want to re-use these pics.

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Welcome to the Newbie Photographer Blog!

This is a site where I will post Calls for Submissions for photographs, travel photography markets and any resources that photographers new to the trade can use.